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Summer Days
Summer Days




Stack (Windows)
AiCherry (DVD)

PalaceGame (PSP)

Release Date

June 23, 2006 (Windows)
April 27, 2012 (Windows, Remake)

Summer Days' is the 2006 game released after the 2005 game School Days. It was followed by the 2010 game Cross Days. This game is a spin-off from School Days and told from the perspective of Setsuna Kiyoura and plays out like the previous Radish series of games, once again revolve around Radish Restaurant and reveals the fate of the original characters. Many previous existing relationships are revealed in this game such as Sekai and Setsuna's parentage and characters such as Youko Inou, Mai Inou and Shun Hazama who were teenagers in Summer Radish Vacation make appearances as adults.

In 2012 a remake titled Shiny Days was released, which extended the storyline and added a new heroine Inori.


Like School Days and other visual novels, Summer Days require extremely minimal gameplay. At predetermined intervals the game presents the player with one or two choices to make, or the player can choose to not make a choice. These choices change the course of the story and takes the player to one of the many endings.

Like it's predecessor and unlike traditional visual novels that consist of the protagonist talking to static images of characters, Summer days is unusual in that it incorporates motion and voice, making it similiar to an anime series. The player is initially given the ability to pause, skip to the next part, return to the beginning of the current part and return to the beginning of a previous part. The player can also turn on the ability to skip to the next choice, although if the player hasn't viewed a specific part the player will be stopped at those. After the player has viewed a specific part the abliity to fast forward becomes available. Progress can be saved at anytime in up to 100 slots.


Differing from School Days the game takes place a during summer vacation, which is a few weeks before the second semester of a high school in japan. This does not mean the game happens before School Days, rather Makoto happens to be acquainted with the characters before the second semester starts.

Setsuna is enjoying a summer vacation her best friend Sekai Saionji gets bedridden with the mumps and is unable to attend to her part-time waitressing job. Setsuna reluctantly agrees to fill in for her and even though she dislikes the job she's encouraged by Makoto Itou who's a classmate she likes. In the Shiny Days Remake during her first day in Radish she meets Inori Ashikaga and after "little accident" she ends with her as her roommate.

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