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Kotonoha has a number of endings in the games. Depending on the player, it could either be good or bad. Also, Kotonoha's character changes dramatically between some of them, from retaining her original personality to becoming manipulative and even yandere.


School DaysEdit

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Bloody ConclusionEdit

(鮮血の結末) One of the most well-known endings of School Days, also the primary reason for its infamous reputation.

Kotonoha is betrayed by Makoto and Sekai and becomes the target of intensified bullying from other classmates such as Otome Kato and Nanami Kanroji. In some particular routes, she may also get brutally raped by Taisuke Sawanaga and finally reaches a breaking point. The next time she sees Makoto and Sekai together, she cuts Sekai's carotid open with a dozuki (Japanese saw) retrieved from Makoto's home.


Eternal (Forever in School Days HQ English release)Edit

(永遠に) A tragic ending even more shocking than Bloody Conclusion.

Kotonoha, after offering everything she has to Makoto, still gets abandoned. In her last attempt, she beseeches Makoto not to leave her at his apartment (with Sekai at the scene) but her efforts are still in vain. As Makoto leaves with Sekai, Kotonoha, having lost all hope and in yandere mode, quietly states that she will love Makoto forever and that he will not be happy without her. Then she commits suicide by jumping from the balcony of Makoto's home, falls head first onto the ground right in front of Makoto and Sekai. One year later, a traumatized Makoto visits Kotonoha's grave. From his monologue it's revealed he is determined to bear the sin he had commited for the rest of his life.

And to KotonohaEdit

(そして言葉へ) Makoto discovers Kotonoha gets picked on by Otome because Nanami had asked her to for Sekai's benefit. While Kotonoha is getting bullied by Otome and her gang and almost slapped, an upset Makoto rushes over to her aid, and asks them to stop. After confronting Sekai in the hallway, they leave, ending their relationship with Sekai in tears. Kotonoha and Makoto enjoy a happy lunch together as a couple and it ends with Makoto giving a kiss to Kotonoha.

From the KissEdit

(キスから先へ) Similar to And to Kotonoha.

From the First KissEdit

(そしてファーストキスからはじまる) Similar to And to Kotonoha.

The Him only for Her (All Hers in School Days HQ English Release)Edit

(女だけの彼) Similar to And with Kotonoha. But to get this ending, Kotonoha must be brutally raped by Taisuke Sawanaga in Episode 5, and then at the end of the same episode Makoto must tell Kotonoha he loves her. Then Makoto has to devote himself fully to Kotonoha in the final episode, Episode 6. They will both conclude that their relationship must start over again from the beginning, and after Makoto saves Kotonoha from the bullies and they have lunch, Makoto apologizes for having done nothing but hurt Kotonoha up to now, but from now on he'll protect her. They start their relationship all over again with a kiss.

And with KotonohaEdit

(そして言葉と) Makoto suddenly gets confused about his feelings and abandons Kotonoha for Sekai, but Kotonoha successfully wins him back later. Then one morning, after a night of sex, the couple receives a phone call from Kokoro, Makoto accidentally activates the camera of Kotonoha's cellphone and captures Kotonoha in the nude.

Carnal DesireEdit

(肉欲) Kotonoha discovers that Sekai is secretly stealing Makoto away from her by using her body. To counter this, she devises a plan to win him back. She comes to Makoto's apartment and seduces him with her body. Makoto accepts initially but then rejects her when he notices her taking pictures of him feeding on her breasts with her cellphone. Kotonoha then makes a deal with Makoto: If Sekai gives up on him, he'll only be with her. The next day, Kotonoha shows Sekai the picture and tells Sekai how Makoto wallows in her body, effectively defeating her. On the train ride home, Makoto demands to know what Kotonoha said to Sekai. Kotonoha complies, this makes him really upset, but Kotonoha declares she is Makoto's only lover, and she will proactively drive every other girl away from him, then she continues to seduce Makoto by offering him more from her body. Makoto succumbs to Kotonoha's manipulation as story ends.

Christmas EveEdit

(クリスマスイブ) The only ending of traditional "prince and princess are happily ever after" in School Days.

During Christmas Eve, Kotonoha and Makoto stays in a luxurious suite of a hotel downtown to celebrate Christmas.

In School Days, the story ends as they share a deep kiss, however in School Days HQ, there is also a scene of making love, as well as their monologues to express love to each other.

Two Lovers or Lovers for TwoEdit

(二人の恋人) This is a "harem" ending, Kotonoha and Sekai decide to share Makoto peacefully and it turns out to be good for all of them, then when Christmas is near, Kotonoha and Sekai find out that they're both pregnant and decides to give birth to their babies as "Christmas presents" to Makoto.

Summer DaysEdit

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Cross DaysEdit

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In the last episode, of the anime series, Episode 12, Kotonoha and Makoto were back together, only for Makoto to be killed by Sekai in fit of rage. Kotonoha, after finding Makoto's dead body in his apartment, murders Sekai by luring her to the rooftop of Sakakino High using Makoto's phone to message her and kills her the same way she did in the game, and then slicing open her stomach. Kotonoha wanted to find the truth in what Sekai said about being pregnant with Makoto's child. The last words she said to Sekai being "As I suspected. You were lying. There's no one inside of you." Soon after, Kotonoha, while clinging to the severed head of Makoto, is seen on an yacht, floating away into the ocean. She mutters, "We're finally alone together, Makoto-kun." with Kotonoha hugging Makoto's head.

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